Let it Snow!

We got our first snow last week while we were at Grandma's house celebrating her birthday.  We were not really prepared with gloves, snow boots and sleds but we went out bundled up with socks as gloves and bowls, cups and wooden spoons to play with.  Hudson enjoyed it and wanted to throw snow balls but didn't really like his hands to get cold.

"Why are my hands so cold?"

 Let's try socks...

 Can't really do much throwing when your hands are in socks though.

 For some reason he got up at 5:45 this morning.


 He wanted Daddy to do all of the running.

 "Glubs (gloves) off!"
 Hudson and Aunt Bec Bec
 Best dog ever.

 Getting a little cold but didn't want to come in.

 There are so many things to say about this picture. Yes, he is wearing a pajama shirt, diaper, shoes with striped socks, sitting in a box, eating eggs on his guitar.  Whatever makes you happy Huddy!

 Thanks to Aunt Bec Bec this box kept him busy for quite awhile.

 Earlier in the week Hudson and I had a mommy and me date at Monkey Joes.  He has been much more jealous of Luke lately and I thought he could use a little time out of the house with mommy.  We almost had the place to ourselves.  Hudson is getting much better at climbing up the stairs to the slides and really has no fear of the tall ones.  He said, "No mommy, Hudson go down the slide" and didn't want me to come with him.  

 I am slowly trying to get him used to the idea of wearing underwear.  I think if I had the time we might be better potty trained but in reality I don't have the time to take him to the potty with Luke in my arms every time he needs to go right now.  Zach and I have talked about just spending a weekend working on it when he can help but I think we are both scared of what that means.  Either way he had fun wearing the underwear over his diaper and throwing the other pairs around the house. ;)

 Example of Hudson being jealous.  When I try to sit Luke in the Bumbo he insisted that he needed to sit in it.  So he did and he took Luke's toy with him.  
Baby Luke and Aunt Becca.  Becca spends so much time helping us with Hudson that she doesn't get much quiet time with Luke.  Soon they will be best buds too. (If Hudson allows that)

Luke is still coughing this week. Keep him in your prayers. Can't wait for him to feel better soon.


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