Bye Bye 2012

Our last few weeks of 2012 were full of lots of fun days with family and friends.  I have learned that having a child with a birthday so close to Christmas is a little tricky and can quickly lead to an overstimulated 2 year old.  Hudson had a big Christmas and finally got the hang of opening presents.  His favorite thing to say when he is opening them is "Wonder what's in there?!" in a very excited voice.  He loves his new drum set and also got a new guitar to add to his collection.  He got lots of new books that he enjoys reading at night.  We got him one called, "I Love You No Matter What."  So he has been saying,  "No matter what" a lot lately.  This is very fitting since he has also turned into a terrible twos toddler over the last week or so.  He has really tested our patience and seems to care less about the punishments that we try.  Guess we will just keep trying to be consistent and hope this ends sooner than later.   This year has been a pretty awesome year and there are a ton of resolutions I could make for 2013 but I will have to stick to small ones because life is much different with two boys to take care of.  They come first right now and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Cheers to a happy, healthy 2013!

Snuggling with Luke on Christmas Eve at my mom's house.

 Uncle Ronnie came home for Christmas!

 Hudson opening some presents on Christmas morning at Grandma's house

 Snuggle time with Roscoe

 The family minus Zach and Hudson.

 Hudson's Christmas morning!  We had Christmas morning at my mom's house then came to our house where we had all of Hudson's big toys out for him.  It was funny because we kept telling him that Santa Claus came to his house and when we got there he was afraid to go in because he thought Santa was there.  :)  He stood at the door and said, "Santa all gone."

 He was so excited.

 Now this audiologist mom needs to make earplugs for everyone in the family.

 Sweet Luke with his stocking.

Funny bib from Nana and Papa
 Luke looking a lot like his daddy here.

 Zach and I were up until 3 am getting this cake finished for Hudson.  It was worth it. He loved it.

 With a new baby and Christmas I did not really have time to plan a "party" for Hudson so we went to a jump house place with his little friend Harper on his birthday morning and then out to lunch.  Later we celebrated with family at the house with cake and ice cream and presents.  I think he had a good day!

 Harper loving the slide
 Daddy was worn out by the end of the trip too!

 I laugh out loud at the faces that I caught on camera of Harper and Hudson coming down the slides.  They are so funny and although they look scared they came down laughing. :) They loved it.

 Getting his energy out!
 Harper needed a little break.

Hudson finally got worn out too.

 My mom had a great idea to turn the Christmas tree into a birthday tree for Hudson since it is only 2 days after Christmas.  So we took down all of the Christmas ornaments and replaced them with homemade wrapping paper ornaments that my mom made.  We also added balloons and streamers.  It was so cute and Hudson thought it was cool.  A new tradition!

 Hudson talked non-stop about blowing out the candles on his birthday but when it came down to it he just wanted to watch mom do it.

 Attempt at a family picture

 Papa even came from TX on his birthday!

 Enjoying his guitar cake and ice cream! 

 Luke is 13 weeks old and such a sweet chunky baby.  Here are a few pictures of his sweet expressions.  He still has little cold but is as happy as can be.  He doesn't even mind when I have to use the bulb syringe on him.  He actually laughs sometimes!  He has rolled over onto his side and acts like he wants to sit up already.  He loves for anyone to talk to him and he will try to talk (or squeak) right back at them.

 My favorite picture so far.  

 Here is a video of Hudson on his birthday.

The slide action at Monkey Joe's

Luke talking

 My camera is a little all over the place but this is Hudson seeing his tractor for the first time.

 He got the hang of it fast.  We may need a helmet!


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