Along with everyone else in this country this week, I have shed lots of tears and said lots of prayers.  The pain that those families in CT are feeling is hard to imagine.  I have held by babies tighter this week. I read a few extra stories and sang a few more songs to Hudson even though it was past his bedtime. I rocked Luke to sleep and let him sleep on me even though my pediatrician says that I should lay him down before he is asleep. I have also had some major anxiety about being in public places.  I know it isn't possible to protect my family from everything but I just pray that I never have to experience anything like what those poor families are going through and I will try to go about my days reminding myself that even with all of the evil that is out there, there is still so much good in this world.  

This week I officially resigned from my position at UNC so that I could take a stab at a new career of taking care of Luke and Hudson at home.  It was a tough decision for me.  Although I want nothing more than to spend more time with my boys it was hard leaving a job and co-workers that I really love. I worked too hard to get my doctoral degree for this career to be over but for now I am just taking some time off to do what is best for our family.  I am more exhausted at the end of everyday than I ever was working full-time but I am so thankful that I have this opportunity and so thankful for a supportive husband and family who are always willing to help.

Luke is 11 weeks old and he was 13lbs 10oz when I weighed him last night. He is wearing size 2 diapers and almost too big for 0-3 month clothes. He will not really take a paci even though I try desperately at night to give him one.  He does not like taking a bottle from me.  Hudson could have cared less as long as he was getting food! :)  He is becoming more alert and smiles all of the time.  I can't say it enough, he is such a good baby.  Maybe I am just comparing him to poor Hudson who had colic but I think Luke is just so chill.  

Hudson continues to crack me up everyday.  Here are a few funny things he said this week:

He was leaving to go to Lowes with Zach on Saturday morning:
Me: "See ya later." 
Hudson: "Have fun!" (because I usually say that to him) "That's what I'm talkin' about!" (Zach says this  a lot so I guess Hudson has picked up on it.

When he was riding in the car with Zach listening to music:
Zach: "What did you do today Hudson?"
Hudson: "No"
Zach: "No what"
Hudson: "No talking Daddy."

He is not afraid to compliment himself.  He likes to say, "Good Job Hudson" and will remind me to say,  "I'm so proud of you" after he goes to the potty if I forget.   While he was singing yesterday he stopped mid-song to say, "I a good singer!" and "I play drums good!"

When he bumped his leg getting out of the car he said, "I hurt my knee, Oh goodness!"

Whenever I tell him that he can have a treat he stops me and says,  "No medicine right now" and says it like he is just making sure because recently when he had an ear infection he was on antibiotics for over  a month and I always gave him a treat after he took the medicine. :)

He has recently started saying, "I'll do it in the morning." If I ask him if he wants to go somewhere or do something.  Ex: Me: Hudson do you want to go the store with mommy?" Hudson: " I go to the store in the mornin'"  I think he is doing this because he usually asks for things while he is laying in his crib trying to go to sleep and I always say something like, "We can do that in the morning." :)

These are just a few of the things that keep me laughing.

Luke at 11 weeks with his serious look.
Getting more trunk control

 I can't get over how different they look. This is Hudson at 11 weeks.  Luke has so much more dark hair and his eyes look green.  Poor Hudson got my skin tone but I think Luke has more olive skin like Zach. 

Hudson at 11 weeks

I took Hudson last week to kids night at Chick filet.  He got to make reindeer food and Christmas cookies then listen to Christmas stories.  He loved it but did not love the cow mascot dressed like Santa. Now whenever I talk about making Christmas cookies he says, "no cow"

 Putting on his favorite sprinkles

 Almost ready for the bumbo.  

Over it.

Luke was doing a really good job rolling over on his side tonight.  I caught a little of it on video.


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