Luke Is 2 Months Old!

I got a few minutes to snap a few pictures on Saturday when Luke reached the two month mark on Dec. 1.  He went in for his check-up today and is 12lbs 4 oz  and 22 and 3/4 inches long which is around 50th percentile for both.

The doctor told me that once babies are around 12 lbs he expects them to sleep at least 6 hours at night. Haha.. we are not quite there yet.  He has given me a few 4 hour stretches but not 6.  I am just so happy that he is sleeping in general that I that I am not complaining.  Such a change from Hudson who seemed to sleep only 2 hours a day.  Luke has started being awake for longer periods of time and loves to coo and smile if you pay attention to him.  He always smiles at Hudson and his daddy.  Although some of his hair has fallen out he still has a head full of dark hair.  

 He has a very serious look at times.

 Tried to catch his smile on camera.

 Watching Daddy


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