3 months old

I have some catching up to do.  Luke turned 3 months on new year's day and here it is almost the end of the month.  He is still not sleeping long stretches at night but he has given me a few 4 hour naps in the middle of the night.  Right now our sweet baby is sick with a yucky respiratory virus so keep him in your prayers.  Here are a few pics from this month that I was able to snap while Hudson was napping. He currently weighs 14lbs 10 oz.  He loves grabbing for his toys on the play mats and touching faces.  He has also discovered how cool and colorful the cartoons are on TV.  He is trying his best to sit up already.  

Tummy time is a little difficult when Hudson is awake.  Hudson wants to help but doesn't understand why pushing down on Luke's back isn't helping.

 If it weren't for Grandma Luke would be in his bouncy seat a lot more often. :)


He has the cutest smiles!

 Figuring out that he has toes in the bumbo seat.

 Zach watched Luke while I took a shower (a luxury lately) and when I got out this is how I found them. :)

 Meanwhile big brother is busy being cool and hanging out at Target (because really, where else do you need to go?) and the playground when Grandma watches baby Luke.  At his two year old check-up Hudson weighed 33 lbs and was 35 inches tall.  This put him around 65th percentile for height and 80th percentile for weight.

 Hudson has been wearing out the tires on his John Deere tractor.

His Saturday trip with Daddy to "Woahs" (Lowes").  He spotted the big tractor and had to try it out.

Singing and riding the tractor.  Can't get much better than this.

He makes me laugh.


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