31 weeks

Well I am 31 weeks and baby boy (whose name has not been decided) is making me work really hard in this heat to carry him around.  He has been very active lately and is acting as if he wants to come out already.  I told him that he needs to settle down and give it another month at least.  I am pretty sure I have had some contractions lately so I have been trying to rest as much as I can when Hudson goes to bed.  Since I had to be induced and had back labor with Hudson, I am not sure that I know what normal contractions are supposed to feel like but I guessing these are just on a small scale.

We had another Hot weekend here in Chapel Hill!  We tried to play outside early but still broke a sweat at 9 am outside.  Hudson even said "Hot Sun" when he insisted on going out in the afternoon and left his "Mow Mow" outside so that he could come back into the air conditioned house.  That was a first.  He has been talking up a storm lately and putting more phrases together.  It is funny to hear some of what he is thinking.  A lot of his sentences are too long to understand but I usually can get the first few and last words.  He is also very fond of the word "No" and says it a lot when I try to help him do things.  He says, "No no, Hudson (insert whatever he is trying to do at the time)".  Which is his way of telling me that he can do it.  A few other things he is saying lately, "I luv you", "I sorry", "I do", "Hudson do". I think someone is expressing his independence. He says, "O.K." after many of the things he says which I know he gets from me saying it to him all of the time. He is getting much better at differentiating between red, yellow, blue, green, and purple.  And if he is in the mood will count to 10 without help.  I had a few pictures of the baby bump to show at 31 weeks but the google blog just told me that I was at my limit of pictures/space and cut out some of the pictures that I tried to upload.  Too tired to figure that problem out tonight but hopefully I can post them soon.

Got tired of walking in the heat so he convinced Dada to carry him.

Enjoying his favorite smoothie "moothie" for snack

I can't force myself into a bathing suit at the moment so Hudson's pool time consists of a wading pool in the back yard. :)

These next few pictures aren't the greatest quality because my sister took a picture of older pictures with her phone but it is pretty funny how much she and Hudson look alike.  I think those chunky cheeks help.

I just had to share this awesome picture of the fro' that I had most of my child hood.  This is why I never learned how to do anything with my hair.  Just combing all those curls after a bath was hard enough.

The top is Hudson at 19 months and the bottom is Zach at 1 and-a-half.  A little more chunk on Hudson but that face and nose is so Zach! Love it.


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