Wild and Wonderful West Virginia!

We made our first big road trip with the two boys!  I couldn't think of a better destination than West Virginia to see two of my best friends and their boys.  There are 4 boys now and will soon be 5! Melody is going to add another sweet boy to the clan in May.  The boys were wonderful on the ride both ways but the roads and weather gave us a little trouble.  We had a detour on the way there that added an hour to our trip and snow and ice on the way back that added a few hours.  We had a busy weekend being mommies and referees.  Who knew that it would be hard sharing trucks when Cohen had hundreds to choose from? haha.  The most amazing part is that they all napped at the same time (minus Luke of course) and we did get a few moments of peace and quiet.

The jeep was also a "prized" toy.  We had to do lots of turn taking.  Good thing that Cohen and Ben are expert drivers.  Poor Hudson still just goes in a circle.

Ben was brave enough and agile enough to do the stunt riding on the jeep.  Ben is just one big muscle and can already do pull-ups!

Luke stayed safe and cozy in the swing while the big boys played outside.

He looks huge here.

Lesson learned.. coloring Easter eggs with boys this age is not easy or clean.

Oh picture taking is sooo hard!

Cohen is ready to pose when his little brother gets here!

Sadly we didn't attempt a group picture until Sunday after Ben and Sarah got on the road. 

Hudson insisted on holding Luke's hand.  So Sweet.

We went through Fog....

Snow and ice to get home!

Hudson holding Luke's hand usually bothers me because I am scared of germs and Luke getting sick because he always puts his hands in his mouth but it was so sweet I just let it go this time. 


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