"Musta Had A Good Time!"

We had such a fun fourth of July this year because Parmalee was in town to play a festival in High Point!  Hudson was so excited to see his best buddy Scott!  For those of you that don't know, Hudson has a love for the drums because he "wants to play like Scott!"  He has also started loving to play the guitar like Matt, Barry, and Josh.  I can almost guarantee if you ask Hudson what music he wants to listen to he will usually name a Parmalee song.   It was a little rainy when we got there so we hung out on their bus for a little while before the show.  Then when it was time for the show we got to sit right on the side of the stage.  I knew it was going to be loud but I thought being behind the speakers might be a little bit better.  I was the bad audiologist mom and forgot to order sound protection for her kids.  :/  Don't worry, baby headphones are being shipped as I type.  Hudson was a little nervous about the loud music at first but quickly got over it and sang, danced and played the air guitar most of the concert.  At one point Matt pulled Hudson and Zach up on stage to sing a song with them.  Hudson wasn't quite prepared for his big debut and got too nervous and wanted to sit down.  Once they sat back down and Zach explained to him that they wanted him to play guitar and sing with them  he totally got it and kept saying, "I go run on stage and sing with Matt now?" haha.  Maybe next time buddy!  Even though it was way past bed time Hudson made it to the end of the concert.  He was sad to say goodbye to the guys but was ready to get out of there when the fireworks started going off.  He held his ears all the way to the car.  Luke slept during at least half of the concert because Grandma was holding him. :) If you haven't checked out Parmalee yet, check them out on www.parmalee.com and on youtube or iTunes.  They not only have some great music but are really great guys!

 Hudson loves to play with Scott's bracelets.  He likes to wear mine at home and say he looks like Scott, Matt, Barry and Josh.  When I was putting stamps on his hands he told me he wanted "a bunch of stamps like Scott has." Uh oh!

 Luke getting some Parmalee love.

 Luke and Scott

 What better seat can you ask for as a 9 month old?!
 View of the crowd.

 Getting ready for the show!

Scott came over to hang out during a break from the drums.

Here are some videos of Hudson breaking it down.  He was loving it.  Can't wait to see them again!

Later that weekend we got together with one of my oldest friends and her family at the lake for the day.      The highlight of the day for Hudson was getting to drive the golf cart. :)

 Again, I was so unprepared.  I totally forgot his rash guard and life jacket so he got to borrow Essie's.  This meant a purple rash guard and pink life jacket.  He looked pretty cool. :)

 Having a little lunch on the boat with Essie.

 And these two boys are just precious together.  Nash is almost 3 months younger than Luke but he is almost the same size.  He looks like he had quite a bit to say to Luke in these pictures.  So glad that we have two more babies so close in age!  Now if I could only get them to move to Greensboro. ;)


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