And Just Like That.... Luke Is One!

O.K., so it has been a month since Luke turned one....I am a little behind but we have had a busy month.  We had lots of visitors and Zach's birthday was the following week and then it was time to get ready for Halloween! Here are the highlights from Luke's birthday.  He also went in for his one-year check and he was 23lbs 4oz, Height was 29 1/4 inches and head circumference was 18 3/4.  I think this put him at around 60% for weight and 30% for height.  I like to call him my little shortcake.  

We didn't do anything fancy on his actual birthday since we were having a party on Saturday but I did make him  dress up and listen to "Happy Birthday" over and over that day.  He was thrilled as you can see from the pictures. :)

 We had a little Monkey-themed birthday party for Luke.  I also call him my little monkey because he clings onto me like a baby monkey most of the day and at the time he really only wanted to eat bananas. We were so happy that so many family and friends were there to help us celebrate Luke.  The kids had a great time in the bounce-house despite the 90 degree October weather and Luke loved his cake!

 Hudson was bummed that we were only singing to Luke and that he couldn't blow out the candles so we had to do a second round of Happy Birthday just for Hudson to prevent a two-year-old melt down. 

And of course cake makes everything better!

Brogan, one of our cutest party guests.

 The older boys wanted to "help" open presents.  Must have been so hot that it was necessary to do in underwear only. lol

 The three amigos enjoying cake

 Luke with his younger but bigger friend Nash.

 So thankful for these ladies!

And so thankful for these siblings!

Grandma and Nana are the best!

Brother love

We had to bribe the older boys but we did get them to all sit at the same time for a picture!

 What!? The are all smiling at the same time!


My how the group pictures have grown!

 Uncle Ronnie gave Ben and Cohen their wings.

Zach has enough musical instruments to keep all the boys busy.

Hudson enjoying "his present" for Luke's birthday.

 Next, it was time to start getting ready for Halloween.  

This picture cracks me up because it looks like Luke is going to hit Hudson in the head.  It would only be payback for all the times Hudson has done it to Luke.

Luke loves to do whatever Hudson is doing and he gets so  so excited to get on this tractor.  Hudson was nice enough on this morning to let Luke ride with him. 

Hudson and Daddy jamming outside on Zach's birthday.

Hudson's outfit of choice for preschool one day.  Getting them out the door for school is hard enough.  He can wear whatever he wants as long as it gets him excited to get to school on time. :)

 A little Hudson and mommy time at the park on a beautiful fall morning while Luke napped in the stroller.  Love days like that.

I had to include this picture because once again I think my son looks so much like his daddy.  It is funny that although Hudson and Luke look very different they both resemble their daddy's baby pictures.  (top: Zach, bottom: Luke).

 And last but not least- the last of our month stickers!  :( Another year has flown by!  I was so rushed to get these done one day while I had 3 minutes that I took him out when he woke up before it started raining.  He was clearly still half asleep in most of the pictures but I think that makes him look even sweeter.  He is really such a sweet boy. 

Watching the airplanes.

Then big brother decided to come outside. At least he gave him a kiss.:)

Can't believe he is so big!

He has started giving us this face to make us laugh.  It works.
Too Cute.

Trying my best to get caught up.  I love having this blog as a little digital scrapbook for us and the boys. So fun to look back on.


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