Home For The Holidays

The Thanksgiving move was exhausting.  Thanks to my wonderful brother for helping us move and for dealing with the hormonal pregnant woman during the move.  We finally made it home just in time for Thanksgiving dinner and now it is time to get ready for the holidays and the baby's arrival!  

We celebrated two big birthdays for me and my brother since we were all together.  The dogs are obsessed with opening presents so they helped us.

                                       Our Christmas tree!

      Zach's creepy "Movember" mustache.  I am just glad the baby didn't come this month so we didn't have to have any pictures of "daddy with his mustache" for the baby book!

34 Weeks!  I think Thanksgiving and mom's cooking helped this belly grow significantly over the last week.  Yum.


Anonymous said...

ohhhh my!!! You look like you are about to pop! I can't believe he is going to be here in like 5 weeks!! You look just beautiful! We are soooo excited! Love all the pictures!

Laura Dell

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