First Father's Day

We had a mini Father's day celebration last year because we knew that our baby was growing and that Zach was going to be a daddy but this was Zach's first official Father's day with his son.  We didn't do anything too exciting.  Zach did some early morning fishing of course.  Hudson had his first trip to church and sat through the service and sermon like an angel!  The rest of the day we hung out, went to the farmer's market and just spent the day together.  Hudson was really happy all day.  I think he really likes spending his weekends with his daddy.  Happy first Father's Day Zach!  Love you more everyday!

Hudson's message to his dad on his Father's day card

 I just love these next few pictures of Zach and Hudson playing together.

It is funny because I see so much of Zach in Hudson sometimes but as I look at these pictures they look like complete opposites.  Zach with his dark curly fro and brown eyes and Hudson with his fine light hair and blue eyes. :)

 Love that smile

 Hudson doesn't like to nap but he has fallen asleep two days in a row like this in Zach's arms without a fight.

 Up and ready to go again!  He was having a blast jumping today.

How he ended the day.  Falling asleep sitting on the front porch with aunt Bec Bec.  He LOVES being outside.

Hudson-AKA: Chuck-a-monk


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