Smith Mountain Lake, VA

 If we won the lottery Zach has always said that he would want to get a lake house and I have always disagreed saying that I want a beach house because I have never been a big lake person.  This weekend and this lake might have changed my mind.  It is absolutely beautiful and clean!  The water is so clear that you can see through it.  Thanks to a WONDERFUL family that my sister met through Bizi Kidz we were able to enjoy a weekend away and Hudson had his first trip to a lake.  They have a cozy, beautiful house on the water that they let us use for the weekend.  We swam, fished, rode jet skis, cooked out, and even had a few dance-offs on the Wii!  What an awesome weekend. :)  So glad summer is here!

 This was about as close to the lake as Hudson got.  Yes, I am a scared momma and wasn't quite ready to put him in.  

 Aunt Bec Bec and her baby

 Look who found his thumb!  Poor guy just wants to chew on something all of the time.  I hope this doesn't stick.  We can always make the paci disappear when he gets older but not his thumb. ;-)

 Zach getting the Jet Ski ready for our ride

 Me running to find Zach because he decided to leave me...haha typical :)

 Finally found him

 Hudson in his new pool.  

 Loving from Daddy

 Daddy telling him about all of the fish that he was going to catch. does our baby have such light straight hair?  I mean look at daddy's fro'

 Aunt Bec Bec dancing randomly.  Probably because she had been up for 30 hours straight!

 Pretty mountains surrounding the lake

 What do you think happens when dads have a beer in one hand and a baby in the other?

 ..Of course... hand it to the baby.  

 Chunky baby who loves to be naked!

 Chillin...another one who decided it was a good idea to stay up for 48 hours

Autie Kate 

 Yum Peas!

 "Hey pretty lady"

 He naps so well if there is someone to nap with him. 

 I have had my camera for awhile but I am just starting to learn how to use some of the functions.  It was nice to have a few more people to practice on.  A moving baby that can't sit up is not the easiest subject to learn on.

 Zach in his fishing zone

 Wonder how that would have worked if she actually caught one.


 He looks as big as a toddler in this picture!
"The ladies love me, what can I say?"


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