Mini Zach

Zach's mom sent some cute baby pictures of Zach to us this week.  This one below really looks a lot like Hudson.  Based on the pictures it seems like Zach had straight hair exactly like Hudson's until he was about one and a half.  So curly hair like his mom and dad may still be in Hudson's future...

 Zach at 6 months

Hudson at 6 months

 Zach: one year old

 six and a half months

 one and a half..he looks like Trouble in this picture :)

 one and a half

 Pool time

These next few pictures I took when he was in one of his silly moods laughing and squealing.  All of his faces are so funny.  Wish I knew what he was trying to tell us.

 Trying to get to the dog.  She always stays just out of his reach.  She is going to be moving a lot once he starts crawling.

On an unrelated note:  Look at this sweet baby fawn that was following her mommy around our back yard.  After I took this picture we saw another Doe and her baby right behind them.  The pictures are not too clear but the baby is right behind her mom.  I was had the wrong lens and was trying to take them through the window.


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