Old Friends And New Friends

Hudson got three immunizations this week and had a fever for a few days but is feeling much better and even had time to have a play date with some adorable babies.  Two of my friends from high school have babies that are very close in age to Hudson so we thought it would be fun to see each other and let the babies meet.  It was so nice to see old friends again and so awesome to see them as amazing mothers.  I can't believe that it has been 12 years since we graduated high school!!  We managed to get a few pictures of the babies together but it was a process for sure!  Looking forward to more playtime with the cuties again soon.
 Hudson (6 months), Austin (4 months), and Violet (6 months)

Boys..take a hint from Violet and smile when you see the camera.

Austin is over it and Hudson is about to fall.. 

..and there he goes!

Hudson is probably mad because he thinks I might try to make him do tummy time like Violet 

 How sweet is she?!


Hudson was born one day before Violet.  It is amazing how they grow so differently!

Here are a few pics from his weekly visit to Bizi Kidz to see aunt Bec Bec.  He went down the slide for the first time!

This was his unsure face after eating his first puff.  He decided that he liked them. :)


Debbie said...

Hi Laura, Thank you for all the great pictures! Hudson is so handsome and I can not get over how cute his giggle is! You are such an amazing mommy and it was GREAT seeing you!

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