We had a family day with Hudson at Marbles on Saturday.  Marbles is an awesome kids museum in Raleigh with lots of hands on activities for kids Hudson's age.  Grandma, Aunt Bec Bec, Cee Cee and her nephew Jensen came with us and Hudson was worn out at the end of the day.  But he was still so excited when we got home that he just ran around screaming and laughing for a good 30-45 minutes.  His new favorite game is to run around after Angel and Wyatt trying to get them to chase him.  Then when they do start running after him he says, "No No Angel".  Unfortunately, the dogs are not quite as excited about this game.

 Playing at the train table.  He had a little stand off with another little boy that came near his side of the table and tried to touch a train that he was playing with.  It is very interesting to watch him start learning about sharing.

 Marbles has a really cool water play area inside and outside.

 Hudson and Jensen playing in the water.

Doing a little grocery shopping with his lab coat on.

 Playing pirate in the pirate ship.

 Telling (more like yelling to) this little girl that it is a DOG!

 He really thought that the big stuffed dog was so cool and wanted to hold it.  He kept asking her "Please, Please"

 But she quickly grabbed the dog and ran away.  Poor Huddy.

 Luckily he found a lawn mower to play with.


 Yawn.  Luckily it was closing time so we were forced to leave.

 Kissing his reflection. :)

Rare family picture at the museum.  Hudson is 17 months and mommy is 22 weeks pregnant.

Hudson's teacher sent us this picture today and said that Hudson decided to go hang out with Anna on her nap mat after he woke up from his nap today.  Looks like he also took her shoes off.  Anna and Hudson are only 2 weeks apart and she is so sweet to him.  Zach says that she usually gives him a little pat on the back or a hug when he gets to school in the morning.  It makes me happy to know that he has little friends at school.  Side note:  I think his hair is longer than Anna's. ;)  Anyone know anywhere in Chapel Hill to take toddlers to get a trim?  


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i love all the pics but DON'T CUT THE HAIR!!

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