Luke is 7 months old!

As with many other things in my life, posting on the blog has been put on the back burner now that I am learning to be a mommy to two boys!  So my posts may be more sporadic but that just means that we are busy having fun or busy negotiating with a two-year old who is very determined to get his way.  As much as I want time to slow down, Hudson keeps looking more like a "boy" and Luke is looking less like a little baby. :-(  Hudson is 28 months and Luke is 7 months old now!  

 I guess this is another thing you learn to do as a mommy to a little boy. Always check the pockets.  Today I found a plastic worm, piece of wood, and a folded up drawing/letter that he has stashed in his pocket.  Usually there are various "tools" stuck in there somewhere.  I think having pockets  is the only reason that he agrees to wear pants.

 He gave up mowing to push his little brother.

Hudson's first gelato experience.  

 "Don't mind if I do."

 Looks similar to Zach's smile every time he got a gelato in Italy. ;)

Our neighbors love our parenting style.

 After running around in the wind and rain for 30 minutes he decided that he wanted boots and an umbrella.

 Snow boots, no pants, and a lawnmower

 Another ensemble by Hudson.  He looks like he had a rough Saturday night.

 We learned that we have a walking path through the woods that leads right to Hudson's preschool.  Aunt Becca and I surprised him last week at pick-up and we went "exploring" on the way home.

 Helping Daddy sweep 

 Luke just can't wait to hang with the big boys.

Hudson has been begging for awhile so I finally bought some kid-friendly scissors for Hudson to practice with.  This kept him busy for at least 30 minutes.  Totally worth it.

 I had to repeatedly say,  "Don't put them near your face." and "We only cut paper."  Approximately 10 seconds after he had the scissors in his hand he said, "I cut my hair too."  hmm...

Hudson will talk about Monster trucks because he knows his buddy Cohen loves them so much but I don't think he has actually ever seen them in action.  So Zach decided to introduce him to the world of monster trucks.  He and Zach were both laughing, ooohhing and ahh-ing over You Tube videos of a Monster Truck rally for at least 30 minutes that morning.  

 Harper and Hudson just being cute and waiting on their dinner at Earthfare.

 A little ring around the roses

 Falling down (early) is the best part!

 Sweet friends.  I can't believe they are so big!  I feel like we were just having baby showers for both of them!

 And speaking of growing up. Look who is 7 months old!  That means there are only 5 months until he is one! He is just the sweetest baby and although he is a little stinker about sleeping he is always a happy boy.  Currently he has decided that he doesn't want to eat ANY real food.  When he was 4 and 5  months old he loved rice cereal.   Then one night he got sick and threw up most of what he ate that night.  Since then he has refused any puree that I give him.  I guess we will just keep working on it.  He seems to be growing well!

 He is pretty easy to get to smile.

 Can't believe that he is sitting up already.

 Still has an awesome comb-over and fly aways. ;)

 He likes to chew on his bottom lip.  I see a tiny part of a tooth coming through on the bottom but it has a little way to go.

 "Mom, I am done with this sticker."

 "Seriously done"

I really need to get Hudson in some musical lessons.  This kid loves to pretend to play the guitar, sing, play the piano and drums.  Looks like a natural to me!

 I just love how Luke adores Hudson.  He will laugh at anything he does.

He is a funny kid.


Natalie Cowles said...

Your posts are always so cute! I wish we all could visit more often. It's hard to travel with two newborns, but if you all ever want to visit here, just let us know (seriously). We have a guestroom and guest bathroom!

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