My Third Mother's Day!

May has been a pretty busy month and we are only half way through it.  We are enjoying being outside more and enjoying the comfortable weather before it gets hot and humid.  Hudson would stay outside all of the time if we could.  Unfortunately, it is tough keeping Luke outside and out of the sun so we have to spend some time in the playroom.  Luke is happy being where ever Hudson is.  Hudson on the other hand gets a little annoyed that there is another child attached to me for a majority of the day.   We are lucky to live so close to the Natural Science Center and have been going there because they have great indoor activities as well as an awesome zoo.  Here are some pictures from May so far.

Luke loving on Angel.

"Umm..we can be friends but get off of my Boppy!"

Hudson watching the Meerkats at the Science Center.

Not sure if the Peacock got out or if he just roams but he just visited with all of the kids there.

The snake keeper brought out a snake for Hudson to touch but he wasn't too interested.  I was surprised that he got this close to the glass.

Dr. McCall
I love that Luke loves his Ergo carrier. I love his snuggles!

He said that we couldn't go because he was "doing some work."

On a boat!

This is how Hudson cruises the neighborhood. Camo shorts and camo boots on his John Deere Tractor. With rocks, tools and other random items in his trailer on the back.

I needed a break from the house and Hudson was due for a special treat so we went to steak n' shake for lunch.

Luke doesn't know what he is missing since he refuses to eat food.

He usually just plays at the high chair.

He did kind of suck on this cold banana but I think it was only because he was teething.  

Hudson broke the lenses out of his sunglasses so Luke had a little fun.

Helping Daddy sweep the driveway (in his snow boots again).

And he broke the broom

Just testing to see if he can do anymore damage.

Not too much "helping" going on here.

Oh, I just love that sweet face.

Love his chunky legs in the jumparoo.

Luke with Grandma's Mother's Day flowers.

We spent the day at Grandma's house for Mother's Day.

Grandma found a cool turtle shell in her yard a few weeks ago.  Before Hudson got there on Mother's Day she strategically placed it in the yard where he would find it when he went "exploring". These are the pictures of him finding it.  He was pretty excited.

He was sneaking up on it because he thought it was a real turtle.

Rosco thought it was a turtle too.

Sweet snugly Luke with aunt Becca.

We went to the playground near Grandma's house before nap time. I looked back at pictures from last Mother's Day and saw that we were also here last Mother's Day! 

 Can't believe how little Hudson looks.

He was feeling brave and wanted to climb to the top.

He looks like such a big boy here. :(

He refused to look at the camera for any pictures with me on Mother's Day.  I did get a very sweet greeting from Hudson when he woke up that morning.  He came down the stairs and said, "Happy Mother's Day!" just grinning.  Melts my heart.  Hard to believe that this is my third Mother's Day.  I am blessed for sure!

We played a little music on the front porch that afternoon. ;)  Hudson has some moves with his guitar. Like he is a little rock star.

Wonder where he gets it from? ;)

He loves it for Daddy to play his guitar while Hudson plays his.  He is actually playing his Nana's Ukulele but he calls it "his"guitar.

I just love these two.  What a good daddy!

Uncle Ronnie came to visit!

Zach said that his Grandaddy used to tell him that if he put salt on a bird's tail that he could catch him. ;) Well, he told Hudson that a few weeks ago and poor Hudson has been chasing after birds ever since.  Grandma has a rather large (strange/creepy) bird that she put out in her ferns to keep the other birds from building a nest in them.  Hudson saw it and got really excited.  So he and Zach got the salt shaker and went outside to "catch" him.  It was so cute because Hudson kept saying, "I am gonna salt that bird!"

What fun memories!


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