We spent the end of May and the beginning of June celebrating the end of school and starting summer with a big trip to the beach.  It was Luke's first trip to the beach and our first attempt at taking two kids (and all of the stuff that involves) to the beach.  We had a good trip but I will not call it a "vacation".  There was not much rest and relaxation but Hudson had a blast and kept us all entertained.  He is such a funny kid!  He still loves to sing and dance and play the guitar more than anything.  He tries to make his own (two-year-old) jokes to make us laugh and some of them are actually pretty funny.   He is also saying some of the phrases that we say that just sound funny coming out of his little mouth.  For example, he told me a few weeks ago, "Wyatt (our dog) is just chillin'" when I was calling Wyatt to come inside.  He also told me he was "just chillin'" the other day when I asked what he was doing.  The other day, instead of asking me for help he said, "Mommy, can you give me a hand?"  He still loves "special treats" more than any toy I could ever offer him.  I have had to start hiding the treats because he knows exactly where to find them and can spot out any box that might contain fruit snacks or cookies. I was trying to teach him what a "secret" was and somehow he related it back to his special treats because now when he spots a box that might have treats in the cabinet (usually behind another box) he says,  "Oh Mommy, I found a secret!"  His favorite treats right now are fruit snacks and gummy bears or "yummy bears" as Hudson calls them.  Luckily, I have found an awesome organic version of both at Costco which makes me feel a little better about them. ;) Currently Luke and Hudson both are Momma's boys and unfortunately I can't hold both of them at the same time for long.  Hudson is 34 pounds and Luke is 19 pounds!  Hudson thinks Mommy needs to do everything and his favorite phrases right now are,  "My Mommy!" or "My Mommy do it!"  Luke just turns on the tears and screams like someone hit him if I put him down in a room and turn my back for even a second.  Luke is still not sleeping much at night.  I don't even know what to say about that...except, I am tired.  Here are LOTS of pictures and videos of what we have been up to:

This is Hudson in our last day of BSF (bible study).  They had a special time in the beginning this day when the kids came up to the sanctuary with their moms to sing some songs they had learned in their classes.  It was super sweet to see all those kids singing.

Our attempt at a picture

Helping Daddy fix my Goodwill find. He loves "working on stuff" with his tools.

 Last day of preschool party

 Can't pass up a cupcake

Can you believe he is doing this already?

Hudson learning about a punching bag with aunt Becca

Luke finally started eating a little bit of yogurt.  He was on antibiotic and prednisone because he had pneumonia at the time so maybe the medicine finally made him hungry enough.  Since then, he has seemed to like a few of my smoothies that I made and one even had peanut butter in it.  No reactions so  hopefully we won't have any peanut allergies!  He has also eaten a few puffs!

Hudson loves going to Costco during the sample times.  The cart is full of little white cups by the end of the trip.

Doing some painting in the garage

Poor Luke getting a breathing treatment.  This was after he screamed for five minutes straight while in the Ped office.  I was alone so keeping the mask on was challenging.  Poor guy finally gave in.

Fun dinner night with friends!  London brought Hudson a flower cookie.  He now loves her of course. :)

He loves to hold "my baby"

I was eating a chip and turned my head for a second and Luke had it in his mouth! This kid just wants to skip the baby food.

Oh, I how I love those cheeks

Hudson said he was going to sleep beside baby Luke

He loves to hit on the keyboard.  He usually messes up the screen and I have no idea how to fix it unless I restart it.

More memories of his sweet cheeks.

Shopping and date night with Harper.

His outfits and hair are just awesome sometimes.

Leaving for the beach!

He finally fell asleep around the time the Luke woke up.  Made for a long drive.

Beach or Bust!

Love from aunt Becca

Somebody was ready for a nap

Hudson would have never slept on the beach.  It wasn't a long nap but I was thankful for whatever I could get.

Mommy and Hudson time while Luke slept.


We promised him ice cream at our favorite general store in Beaufort after dinner so he was on a mission. 

Unfortunately, they were closed because it was Sunday.  We walked down the street to the other ice cream shop and they were closed too.  This was him saying "oh no!" when he realized they were closed.

Daddy and Hudson in Beaufort

Luke thinks Hudson jumping is just hilarious and Hudson loves it.

Our attempt at a family picture. Our five seconds were up with Hudson before we could get everyone looking.

Luke has some pretty cute faces

His Daddy is pretty cute too! :)

And he loves his Daddy!

The blow up crab necessitated a stop on the side of the road to take a picture.  Hudson was so excited.  I think he thought it was a jump house that he could get in to jump.  He kept asking to go inside.

I love how Luke is smiling at Hudson here. :)

He finally got some ice cream.

The place where we stayed had an awesome water slide.  To my surprise, Hudson went down it over and over.  Even after we tipped over a few times he went back down.

We went to the aquarium and Luke had a little accident all over his clothes.  Of course this was the one time that I didn't have a change of clothes for him so I had to take naked Luke into the gift shop at the aquarium and buy him this awesome souvenir. :)

He loved watching the otters.

His second picture with the crab at 28 months

Here is Hudson at 7 months during his first trip to the beach!

Luke in his souvenir outfit with Grandma.

Hudson was spoiled by Donna when we got to her house.  Who doesn't love eating cupcakes sitting oceanfront?  He also got fruit snacks, Popsicles, and lots of toys to play with there.  He frequently asks to go to "Donna and Fred's" house now.  I can't imagine why. :)  I remember Donna doing the same thing for us when we were little too.  Such great memories at this beach house!


Oh, and he also got chocolate milk.

Borrowing big brother's hat.


 Luke snoozing with Grandma on the beach.


 Not so sure about the pinwheel.

Luke is mad because we gave him a taste of ice cream and then took it away.  I would be too!

Too cool for the pool.

He finally got to go the general store for ice cream.  He was so excited and requested vanilla.

They gave him a really big scoop!

On our way back we stopped at our favorite Trader Joe's in Chapel Hill to stock up!

Here are a few videos from the trip:

 Hudson playing with the otters

Luke did his fair share of crying on the drive back from the beach.  Here is Hudson singing to him to try to calm him down.  It was pretty cute.

What a mess and doesn't care.

Luke's taste of ice cream

Hudson found a little sand crab in his bucket.

I had been bugging him all week about sunscreen. :)

Water slide


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