Lazy weekend

It was a pretty uneventful weekend and that was just fine with me after last weekend.  It was beautiful weather so we got out of the house to enjoy it.  We went to visit aunt Bec Bec on Saturday. Matt and Scott were there and Hudson got his first mini-acoustic concert from Parmalee :)  He really does love listening to music and especially loves the guitar and fiddle so far.  It is so cute because it will usually calm him down when he is fussy.  We made our first trip to the park yesterday.  He slept through most of it but Becca and I had a nice time enjoying the rare 70 degree weather in Feb.  I can't wait until spring!

Hudson must be making up for lost time after being sick because he is gaining about 2 oz per day over the last week.  He is now 10lbs 8 oz!

I just love this little cow boy outfit because it looks like he has boots on. :)

Saturday Daddy time

Chilling in his hoodie

He looks like such a little man in his tie

Daddy singing.  He is probably singing "Jolene" because that seems to be Hudson's favorite song.  Hudson is saying, "Nice beard Dad" haha

He is a pretty comfy snuggle buddy and even puts aunt Bec Bec to sleep


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Zach! Shave it off! You're scaring that baby!

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