Will you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentines Day!! 7 weeks old today!

We finally got to get outside for a little while.  It was 68 degrees!

 RSV blues...

Hudson had a pretty rough week as a 6 week old.  After being diagnosed with RSV on Monday we took care of him at home and went in to the pediatrician a few times during the week so that they could check to see how the virus was progressing.  RSV can cause some pretty serious airway issues very fast with infants so we were constantly monitoring his breathing.  Well, Friday morning his breathing was very labored so we took him to the ER.  When we got there we learned that his oxygen saturation levels were in the 80s so they admitted him and he was put on oxygen to help him breathe easier through the night.  Needless to say we were very worried and it was so hard to see him with the oxygen on his face and feeling so bad.  Saturday they took him off of the oxygen to see how he would do and to see if it was safe for him to go home.  Although he was doing better the doctors felt like he should stay another night because his oxygen levels were still dipping into the 80s every once in a while.  All of the nurses and doctors were very kind and helpful which made me feel more comfortable with him being there.  They said that this was the worst year that they had seen for RSV and that there had been lots of infants there with it and some even had to be on ventilators.  We finally got to go home on Sunday afternoon.   Unfortunately, the virus will hang around for about 3 weeks but usually the worst part of it that causes all of the breathing issues usually happens during the first week so hopefully he is over the hardest part.  He was trooper when we were in the hospital and was so good for all of the nurses and doctors.  He gave us a lot of big smiles while we were there so I knew he was starting to feel a little better.  Going through this makes me even more thankful that he is an otherwise healthy baby and I thank God everyday for that.  I can't imagine how hard it is for parents whose babies have more serious illnesses that keep them in the hospital for extended amounts of time.

Here are a few pictures from last week:

Hudson watched his first UNC vs Duke game!  Sadly, we didn't get to celebrate a victory but he enjoyed listening to his daddy yell at the TV :)

"Mom, I think the refs are throwing this game"

Since Angel likes to be close to him all of the time he has decided that she is good to use as a foot rest

Breathing a little easier.

Hudson learned a new trick.  "Look mom, no hands!"

Sleepy smile

So tired that he fell asleep burping..and yes Zach wore a beer shirt in the hospital.  Classy.

Yay!!! We were so proud that he was at 100 percent saturation while sleeping.

We caught the tail end of a smile.  He is too fast.

His thriller sleeping pose

Coming home from the hospital for the second time!


Kate said...

Oh my. What a tough week its been for all of you. I'm so thankful he's over the hardest part. Poor lil fella (and poor Mom and Dad.)Thank goodness for nurses and doctors. And of course, thank you God.

I wish there was a place to comment on each picture individually. I could say something about all of them. I think its so sweet how Angel cuddles up to him. He certainly inherited the Fleenor family's special connection to dogs. And those sweet smiles....they make me grin from ear to ear. Next time I see him, my goal is to get one of those directed at me :) And his no hand bottle action is super awesome, and Dad, sweet shirt. Then last but not least, my favorite little hat. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Kate

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