Botanical Gardens-15 weeks

Worn out

Enjoying the new jump-a-roo thanks to Aunt Sarah and Ben :)

Botanical Gardens, a set on Flickr.

This weekend we enjoyed the beautiful weather at the Botanical Gardens. I wanted to take some pictures of Hudson in front of all of the pretty flowers that are blooming. This is where Zach and I had our engagement pictures taken and I thought it would be cute to take some of Hudson in the same place. Well, I think everyone else in Greensboro had the same idea because it was packed and there weren't many shady spots that weren't taken. And of course as soon as we got there Hudson got hungry and after being fed went into a serious milk coma. I did get to snap a few cute pics before he fell asleep. Maybe we will try again next weekend. :)

Hudson weighed in at 14lbs 7 ounces today! I think I can officially say that his "colic" period is over. His little personality is starting to come through. He is very serious about his meal times and will turn his cute laughs into ear splitting screams if he is ready to eat and you are not ready to feed him. Takes after Daddy I think...


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