13 weeks

Well we haven't weighed him this week but I know he is growing because his 0-3 month clothes are all pretty snug and we have moved up to 3-6 month clothing.  It was a yucky rainy week here so we were stuck inside most of the week.  Hudson did make his first trip to the mall this week.  He was pretty good but of course gave me that nervous first time mom feeling when he started screaming in Gymboree.  Luckily I knew that most of the people in there had children and would understand.  The best part was when an older lady came up when I wasn't looking and just started shaking his stroller and talking to him to try to get him to calm down.  At first I was a little nervous but it worked and he stopped.  She said,  "After having 47 children I am pretty good at this."  We didn't talk too long because I just wanted to get out of there before he started screaming again but I think she must have been a foster mother.  It was sweet of her to help me.  All in all it was a good trip but I must say that browsing through my old favorite stores is much different now with a stroller in tow.  I learned where all of the elevators are in the mall and realized quickly that Victoria's Secret is not stroller friendly and that Forever 21 plays their music way too loud.  Wow, I really sound like a mom now.

Hudson made his first trip to Bizi Kidz on Saturday and he loved it.  He seemed pretty amazed by all of the bright colors and all of the kids.  He pretty much laughed the whole time he was there.   He will have many trips to Bizi Kidz in his future so I am glad he liked it.  It was finally sunny and in the 70s today so we took a trip to the park for some fresh air.  I think Zach really just wanted to test out his new fishing pole.

  Hudson seems to be trying to "talk" more everyday and it is too cute.  He and I often have long conversations when he wakes up in the morning and when I change his diapers.  He is very expressive and sounds like he is just telling me about his day.   Enjoy the pics from this week!

Grandma and Hudson

Hudson continues to hate tummy time and is very vocal about letting us know so we just break it up to a few minutes at a time throughout the day.  He does pretty well if we do it on the diaper changing table where he can look at the window.

One of his tummy time friends

This Bumbo has become very useful this week.  It gives me a new place to sit him when I need two hands.  I am scared he is going to outgrow it pretty soon so I better get all of the use that I can out of it!  He is pretty cute in it too!

Lots of drool bubbles this week :)

Chunky feet :)

Gotta love the "fat bracelets" on his wrists.  :)

Happy Birthday Bizi Kidz!  

First trip to Hagan Stone Park where mom worked during the summer in high school.

Zach the fisherman


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