4 months old!

Angel still wants to be the babyEaster duck
Happy chunky baby
Flirting with strangers across the patio at dinner :)
Always wants his hands in his mouth latelyStretch!talking to his new favorite toytummy time with his dancing/singing easter bunny

4 months old!, a set on Flickr.

Hudson turned 4 months old this week! We go in for his 4 month check-up next week but I did weigh him at home and he is now 15 lbs! I am a little worried that he has started teething because he always wants to chew on something and he has been a little cranky these past few days. Not sure if this is because he refuses to take naps during the day or if he is really working on teeth already. I can't see anything yet but I kind of hope those teeth wait until after we make our trip to Texas. I am sure the other passengers on the plane would not appreciate a teething/screaming baby on their fight.

Hudson had a pretty low-key first Easter. I had good intentions of taking him to church but that morning was one of the first that he decided he would take a morning nap in his own crib and I didn't want to ruin that. I was hoping that it was going to be a new trend but we haven't been so lucky. My mom and I went to church while Zach stayed home and watched Hudson. We ended up letting him play with his "Easter gifts" before Easter because we needed some new entertainment for him and of course he didn't care what day it was. Next Easter I think he will appreciate the basket and Easter egg hunts a little more. We celebrated with a yummy Easter dinner with the family.

Uncle Ron also came to visit this week and somehow we didn't take any pictures. :( In addition to my blog not letting me upload anymore pictures my computer is saying it is full so I am having trouble even getting pictures off of my cameras. Guess we will be purchasing and external hard drive this weekend so I can keep annoying Hudson by taking lots of pictures everyday! I can't help it; he is growing so fast!

We have been busy house hunting this week so hopefully we will find something soon!!

Enjoy the pics this week. :)


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