Day with Mommy

Hudson and I had a fun day at home on my day off.  It was 73 degrees today and it felt so good to get a little sunshine.  Hudson naps wonderfully at school but on Thursdays he acts like it is the end of the world when I try to lay him down for a nap.  I think he thought it was a special day because he got a new bigger slide in the mail from Nana and I let him blow bubbles in the kitchen.  I usually try to reserve these for bath time but now that he is saying "bubble" it is hard to say no when he says it over and over until I get them.

Update on daycare:  Wednesday marked the first day that Hudson didn't cry when Zach left him in the one year old classroom.  Zach said he put him down and he went right over to one of his little friends and picked up toys and started playing.  Zach told him bye and Hudson just smiled.  I think Zach was a little sad.  When I picked him up that afternoon they told me that he had a great day and that he really enjoyed his lunch that day. He apparently enjoyed it so much that he tried to steal his friend's lunch that was eating beside him at the table. Haha.  When I asked what he loved so much they said it was the tuna fish sandwich!  Who knew?  I have never even thought of making that for him but glad to know that I can add something to his dinner menu.

New game for the slide



rebecca said...

pretty sure wyatt has to pee in that first video

Laura and Zach McCall said...

Haha yes... Poor dogs are so forgotten these days.

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