Welcome To The World Luke Everett McCall!

We are so thankful that our second baby boy Luke Everett McCall is finally here.  He was born on October 1st, weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and was 20 and 3/4 inches long.  He was a week earlier than expected and came much faster than Hudson.  I started feeling what I thought were contractions on Monday morning.  I kind of brushed them off but finally mentioned them to Zach sometime after lunch because I noticed that they weren't really going away.  We were walking in the hospital at 7 pm and Luke was born at 9:24 pm.  The experience was a lot different this time around and I am glad the labor was fast!  Like with Hudson, we hadn't completely decided on a name when he was born but Luke Everett was the winner after we met him.  After sharing the name with relatives we learned that Luke's great great grandfather, James Everett was also born on October 1st!

I have learned that having two young kids under two feels more like having 10 kids!  Not sure what Zach and I would do without the help of our families.  Hudson is adjusting much better than I expected but he has had lots of attention from Nana, Grandma, Becca, Ronnie and Daddy.

Everyone was waiting to hear when baby Luke would arrive.

 In a lot more pain than my thumbs up with Hudson at this point.  

 Baby McCall #2 on the way!

 Delivery happened so fast that Zach was not prepared with the camera for many pictures right after Luke was born.  

 Uncle Ron happened to be in town for Luke's birthday!

 Luke's first bath.  I really loved that they wait until day two to give the babies a real bath and they do it in the room.  He really liked getting his hair washed and he has A LOT of thick black hair to wash!

 Getting ready for the ride home.

 Fell asleep as soon as the car started moving.

 Since the key to Hudson's heart is food we decided that Luke should bring his big brother a cupcake instead of a toy.  As expected, it was a hit!

 Pointing out all of his little body parts.  He was so sweet to "Baby Uke"

 Trying to get a little sun to help the jaundice go away!

 Already sleeping like a little man. 

 We were so glad/thankful that Nana could come visit from Texas.  Hudson had such had good time with her and she kept us from starving during this first crazy week of no sleep. :)

Hudson is becoming a daddy's boy now that I have Luke attached to me most of the time.

 Someone looks a little jealous. 

 Watching Wiggles with Nana.  

Bath crayons!  Now he wants to bathe for an hour. :)

Here are a few videos from this week:


Natalie Cowles said...

CONGRATULATIONS Laura and Zach!! We've been anxiously awaiting seeing pictures of Luke. It was a wonderful surprise to see the videos too. Luke is so beautiful, and we're so happy that you two are deeply blessed with your precious boys. They're so adorable, and it will be fun to see how they interact and play together. All the best to you all!

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