Family time in Texas!

We are having such a great time spending time with Zach's family in Texas. We have even decided to stay a little longer!  Hudson is sure getting lots of loving from his grandparents and all of his aunts and uncles down here. I didn't bring my computer or camera connectors so I can't upload pictures yet but here is a link to Katie's blog with a few pics that she took this week:  She took some amazing family photos last weekend.
  I am proud to say that Hudson did great on his first plane ride down here.   He slept during take off and entertained the people behind us for most of the 3 hour flight.  He is getting so big and is not fitting into most of the clothes that I brought down here for him.  Of course this has been a good excuse for Nana and mom to go shopping :)


Katie Lamb said... is the correct link

AND i promise I'll get all the pics edited ASAP ... I've got to get these other weddings finished before I have brides attacking me! :)

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