First Trip to Texas

Ready to make it through security

Hudson loved Texas!  It was so nice being able to hang out with family there for two weeks and if he wasn't already spoiled he sure is after that trip.  There was always a new face to entertain him.  He finally got to meet the rest of his aunts and uncles.  We were so sad to leave because it is always so hard to say goodbye to family.  We will just have to start figuring out ways to get down there more often.  If Hudson is as good as he was on these two flights I will fly with him again in a heartbeat.  He was very content just napping and hanging out and watching everyone around him.  Carrying him in the baby bjorn through the airport helped a lot.  Not sure how easy it will be to travel with him once he outgrows it and at this rate that might be sooner than later.  I weighed him when we got home and he is 16 lbs 12 oz!  He now more comfortably fits in in 6-12 month clothing.  He is eating sweet potatoes and carrots like a champ.  Still not a fan of rice cereal but I sneak it in when I can.  He has grown up so much in the last two weeks and is doing things that make me think this is all happening so fast!  He now prefers to sleep on his side and is really trying to hold his own bottle.  He acts like he would like to take his own spoon to eat if I let him because I am apparently not getting it in fast enough. :)  In the past few days he has gotten much better at sitting up and I just know it won't be long before I won't have to hold him up anymore.   

Aunt Katie took some awesome pictures of Hudson and they are on her photography blog.  If you know of anyone in Texas (or NC) that needs amazing pictures taken send them her way.  She is currently in Dallas but will be moving to Houston in August but loves to travel.  Here is the link to her blog:  Here are a few pictures from our trip! 

 sleeping during take off

 I'm on a plane!

 Snuggling with aunt Katie.  She is usually doing her magic behind the camera so I had to get a few pictures of them together.  He looks so big in her arms!

 Fishing was the theme of the week. (Zach was in heaven).  I love being outside near water but piercing fish isn't my favorite thing to do so I watched from the sidelines.  After screaming when her first fish came out of the water Emma decided that she loved to fish too.

 Katie and Jason celebrated their one-year anniversary.  I love the look on Katie's face in this one.  Who doesn't love year old wedding cake? haha!  Can't believe it has been one year since we were last in Texas to celebrate their wedding.

 Found a perfect spot for watching Backyardigans

 Trying sweet potatoes for the first time.  He loved them.

 He LOVED being outside in the swing!  Can't wait to get one here.  He spent about and hour in it the first day and that is a long time for this active baby.

 He really didn't care that it felt like 100 degrees outside.  He was just as happy as could be being outdoors.
 new napping spot

Loves his Sophie Giraffe from Aunt Laura and Uncle Seth.  I think we will see some teeth soon!

 Hanging out with Aunt Laura

 Playtime with Grandpa (who is not sure what he wants Hudson to call him yet) and Aunt Kailee

 Celebrating Nana's birthday at Babe's!

 Sweet snuggle with Nana

 Probably learning something about fishing or guns from Uncle Seth :)

Babe's idea of celebrating a birthday.  Poor Nana. 

Trying out his new shades.  He actually really likes them.  I noticed that his eyelashes are so long that they touch the glasses.  Wish I had that problem. 

 More swinging

 Emma won 2nd place in her piano recital!  Hudson loved listening to her practice.

 Happy at Joe's Crab Shack

 He had his first dip in the pool while in Texas.  He liked it but he also really like chewing on his new float.

 "Ahh..this is the life"

 First time in the pool

 Showing off his beach body

 Daddy left the swimming lessons up to mommy but he was ready to jump in just in case!

 Worn out from swimming

 Nana had all sorts of pool toys to play with.

He loves his Nana!

 Onesie from Grandpa :)


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