First Day of Daycare

Well we made it through the first day.... .and through moving but I am too tired to write about that.  

Since today was his first day, Zach took the day off work. I didn't think it would be too professional of me to ask for a day off on my second week of work.  Zach took him in around 9 am and hung out with him and played for a little while.  He said that Hudson was very interested in everything and was pretty quiet and just took it all in.   Zach left around 10:30 while Hudson was drinking some milk.  He had planned to go back in an hour or so to check on him but when he called the teacher she said that he was doing great so he decided to wait a little longer. Even though Zach was giving me the play by play of the day I couldn't help but call the teacher in between my patients.  She let me know that Hudson had a good lunch and was feeding himself puffs.  I could not believe it when she told me that because I have been trying to get that little stinker to put his own puff in his mouth for weeks now!  I guess he realized that Mom wasn't around to help so he figured it out.  I will be interested to see what he does when I try to get him to do it next.  

 My sister (the talented/amazing child care worker that she is) was nice enough to drive to Chapel Hill today to come check out his daycare and meet the teachers.  Hopefully when she is off work and not busy she can come pick him up and hang out with him once a week or so.  Zach and Rebecca went to the daycare around 3.  They said his face lit up and he just gave a big smile when he saw them. :) They played for a little while and then got ready to take him home.  As soon as Zach picked him up to go poor Hudson fell asleep pretty much sitting up.  It was a long day.  Below is his report for the day.  If you look closely you will see that the "Naptime" spaces are blank.  Yes, that means he did not nap the entire day.  He has been used to napping in a quiet/dark room or napping with someone for the last 7 months so this will be an adjustment.

"It has been a long day Daddy"

Here are a few pics of Hudson catching up on the parenting magazine news. ;)


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