Things are changing..

...and if you know me you know I am not a big fan of change.  This change is "good change" but I can only focus on the one bad part about it.  I accepted a job at UNC Hospital and we are moving to Chapel Hill!  I feel like this is full circle back to where Zach and I met almost 10 years ago  (gosh, I can't believe it has been that long).   I am happy about my new job because I worked there during my externship in grad school and loved all of the people that I am going to get to work with. Now the bad part.... Being a working mom also means that my baby is going to have to start daycare. :( (cue the tears).  The only thing that is making me feel O.K. about this is that I have to remember that my sister and I went to daycare and we turned out OK...I think ;).  Zach and I found a daycare that made us feel very comfortable and Hudson has visited and seemed to like it too.   I know he is probably going to love it and make lots of new friends.  I am sure he will learn so much just from being around other babies his age.   This is going to be a lot harder for Mommy than it is for Hudson.  I am so blessed that I have gotten to spend this much time at home with him and I have loved every exhausting second of it.

So, I start work tomorrow which means I should already be in bed but of course I can't sleep.  The good news is that this week my mom is going to watch Hudson so I can ease into work without having to be a sobbing mess my very first day/week.  So for this week I am going to try and not worry any more about daycare.  This week is just a week at Grandma's.  Next Monday will be a different story.....

How cute is this little Tarheel?  I think he will fit in Chapel Hill just fine.


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