New Swing

I found an awesome swing and slide for a deal on craigslist a few weeks ago but it has been so hot that Hudson hasn't gotten to swing on it much yet.  There was a little breeze this evening so after I got home from work we got to spend a little time outside blowing bubbles and swinging.  Hudson is having a great time with Grandma this week.  And the big news this week is that we can see a little tooth poking through the gums!  It is really sharp and all he wants to do is chew on his hand or suck on his paci.  I am going to be a little sad to see that gummy smile go.

I will preface the next pictures by saying that he is a little dramatic and impatient so he was not super happy about us stopping the swinging to try to get a picture of his tooth poking through.  I enlarged the pictures but it is still kind of hard to see.  Still exciting to me!

 "Seriously Grandma!"

 "I just want to swing!"

 Not sure about the bubbles in the face

 Now for a little laugh....
My sister and I walked in on this scene the other night after dinner.  Hudson was squealing and laughing and Zach was snoring.  :)


Katie Lamb said...

ahhh! how is that little stinker so CUTE?! ...oh, and I LOVE your pictures by the way! :)

Also, gymboree sells sugar bubbles (not the typical soap bubbles), they work super well and don't burn their eyes if they get in them -and are safe to swallow if they get in his mouth! :)

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