It's been a long week...

I have never been so happy to see a Friday.   I have missed Hudson so so much and can't wait to spend the weekend with him.  It is so hard to leave every morning.  Work has been busy so at least I haven't had too much down time to be sad.  This week has been crazy.  Zach and I are trying to figure out our new work/life schedules, we have had no time to unpack so our apartment is a wreck, half of the things in our new place aren't working properly, Hudson and Zach both already have a cold so no one is sleeping much and in our down time Zach and I "celebrated" our 3 year anniversary on Wednesday by eating pizza and ice cream at 10:00 at night. haha :)  Although this may sound like complaining, I am really not.  Being back in a hospital everyday where I see sick babies and kids that are attached to all sorts of equipment and IVs because they are fighting some horrible disease when they should be outside playing makes me remember that we are so lucky and I have nothing to complain about.

Here are some pictures of my chunky baby this week:
 Check out my new curl

He now has two bottom teeth coming through so he is usually chewing on his bottom lip.  Or maybe he just has the same concentration face as his momma :)

"Daycare wears me out!"

 This is how he comes home everyday after daycare.  Today we didn't even get out of the parking lot before he was asleep.


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