Month Stickers

I just realized that I don't have any more month stickers to document Hudson growing each month. 
:( They were so great because they forced me to make sure that I took pictures at a certain time each month.  He is now 13 months so I will have to figure out a way to keep the monthly pictures going.  I thought it would be fun to share all of the month pictures at one time.  

 11 week ultrasound!

20 weeks. We found out that we were having a little boy!

 29 weeks

 36 weeks.  Only 2 weeks before he decided to make his appearance.

 December 27th, 2010.  Happy Birthday Hudson Walker McCall!

 One month 

 two months

 Three months

 Four Months

 Five months

 Six months

 Seven months

 Eight months

 Nine months

 Ten months

 Eleven months

 Twelve months

This is a picture from this week out enjoying the beautiful weather.  So far Hudson has had rough start to every morning at daycare this week being dropped off in the one-year old class.  He has cried every morning as soon as they walk in the door. Thank God that Zach does the drop off because I probably would not make it to work.  The good news is that when I pick him up he isn't still crying.  The teachers say that he has his crying moments throughout the day which I think probably has something to do with the fact that he can't have his paci when ever he wants.  They say that he is doing better sitting in circle time and always stays at the table during meals and snack.  He has tried lots of new foods there and a few days has even thrown a fit because they wouldn't give him a third serving!  He is using his sippy cup like a pro at school but somehow forgets this skill when he gets home with mommy.  He is miraculously laying down on his mat after lunch and going to sleep for at least and hour and a half.  He is walking a lot more since he is now in a class full of walkers.  He is also trying to repeat almost anything we say (could be trouble).  His newest words are "Sock", "Shoe", "Becca", "I See", "Kitty Cat", "Moon", "bubble" and "Belly".   He has been particularly obsessed with other people's belly and belly button including his own this week.   I think he has also learned "Stop" at school because I was singing to him the other night and he kept putting his hand up and saying something that sounded like STOP!  Haha he must have been tired of my entertainment.  This week he has started trying to belly laugh in different funny ways to get us to laugh.  It is pretty cute to see all of the different laugh variations that he can come up with.


rebecca said...

dont forget "APPPLLE" with the cutest face ever

Courtney said...

They actually make another set of stickers from 13-24 months! Katherine just bought some for Luke to keep the pictures coming!

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