Look Who Slept On His Mat!

Hudson's teacher at school sent me this picture on Friday with a message saying that Hudson went to sleep all on his own on the mat at school and slept there for an hour!  Needless to say, I was shocked.  They said that he had a much better day in the new class on Friday.  Still had a few crying moments but  made it most of the day in the big room.  His teachers also informed me that during a class party that they were having for another child, Hudson took some Cheetos out of the teacher's hand and stuffed them in his mouth.  They said that he loved them so much that they couldn't help but give him more.  Oh well, so much for trying not to introduce junk food. :)  Although his day was better on Friday he did  spike a fever Friday night and it has continued into the weekend.  If it is not gone tomorrow then I guess we will be spending our Sunday at the doctor's office.  Poor guy.

 Hudson woke up really early Friday morning and looked like he was ready for the weekend!  Look at this crazy hair.  We had a bad rain storm Thursday night and it looked like the humidity got to Hudson's hair.   There wasn't much I could do to contain it.

 His new favorite toy. The flashlight.

This can't be good for his eyes. ;)

 Aunt Bec Bec, Kate, Scott, and my mom all came to visit today.  Hudson was content with cuddling for a little while.  I think the fever is making him feel puny.

 Love from his aunties


rebecca said...

love the pics of my love bug and best friend!! see ya wednesday hopefully, love you

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