A few things we learned over the break..

It was so nice to be with Hudson all day everyday over the Christmas break because we had so much time to just watch him play and realize how much he is learning everyday.  During the week he is usually so tired by the time that he gets home from daycare that we don't have too much time to just play.  He was talking so much over the break and is imitating lots of new words.  He said "Ki Ki" for aunt katie, "pa pa", "Ack!" for Zach because he heard me calling Zach's name so much, "uh oh", and "duck".

He is using the sign for "all done"but not always at the appropriate time, knows that "no" means something serious but likes to look at you after you say it very seriously and then laughs or possibly hit you in the face....hmm. Can't beileve that it is time to start disciplining him already.

 We learned that he likes the big highchair at Grandma's and Nana's house because he can chill out while he eats and also try to climb out much easier.

 He likes to hit things with this hammer or anything that resembles a stick.

 He enjoys a good Chinese buffet.  Next time we should bring a vacuum to clean up his mess.

 He likes cookies and cream ice cream.  Makes his momma proud!

 Doesn't want to let that last little bit go to waste on his chin!

We also learned that Nana will sneak treats when mom is shopping. :) hehe

 He is a fan of dancing deer
 and of dancing woodchucks
 but not a fan of the dancing elf.  :)

 He really liked the polar bear in downtown Grapevine

but he is still not so sure about this Santa guy yet.


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