Happy First Birthday To My Baby!

Even though more than a week has passed since his birthday I still think to myself almost everyday that I can't believe he is one!  It is hard to imagine that an entire year has gone by since I held my sweet baby for the first time.  It is true that you really don't know how much you can love something until you  are a parent.  I love all of my family with all of my heart but the love that I had for Hudson since the first time I saw him was just different and overwhelming.  I never knew that I could feel so protective over anything. If you know me then you know that I am a worrier and man have I done some worrying since Hudson was born.  I guess that is something that is never going to get any easier.  I feel so blessed that God allowed me to become a mother and I thank him for it daily.   It has been an amazing year and I pray that Hudson is happy and healthy in his second year and that it goes by a little bit slower. :)

We celebrated Hudson's first birthday with family and friends in Texas.  His Nana worked so hard putting together the perfect Mickey Mouse birthday party for Hudson.  He woke up to balloons ("boom booms" as Hudson calls them) in his room and came downstairs to Mickey Mouse decorations everywhere.  There was even a huge Mickey Mouse balloon that sang when you hit it.  He loved it and was slightly obsessed with it.  He actually took a morning nap that day which is rare so we decided to wait until after his nap to do the cake and presents.  I was sure that the nap would put him in a great mood to try his cake and we were certain that he was going to devour it because Hudson loves his food and seems to like sweets.  For some strange reason Hudson was not a fan of smashing his cake.  I think if he would have ever gotten into the cake he would have loved it but he was a little nervous about the whole thing and never quite realized that he could actually eat the cake and was distracted by the icing.
The pictures below don't quite tell the whole story but lets just say there was quite a bit of crying in between the cake and the opening of the presents.  Hudson got lots of fun toys including some really cool trucks, blocks, books, and his very own Mickey fishing pole.  He and Daddy will have lots of fun with that in a couple of years.  Thanks again to aunt Katie (Katie Lamb Photography) for these awesome pictures of his birthday.  After he opened presents she also took some awesome one-year pictures for us.  I will share those soon.    I am not sure what Hudson thought of his big day but I think he is now spoiled to think that all balloons are his and that the Happy Birthday song is only sung for him. :)

 More interested in the balloons.  Maybe we should have had a balloon-shaped cake?

 Getting some encouragement from Mommy

 Look at that sweet belly.

 He was not so happy that he stepped on the cake.

 "All done Dad."

 "Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!"

 Not so trusting.....

 I think he was contemplating knocking the cake off of the high chair.

 Another Mickey Mouse cake!

 A little happier about this one.

 Not so sure about Mickey having icing on him.

 Reading his card.


rebecca said...

love them!!! I think miss kate payne deserves some credit for his balloon obsession hahah

Laura and Zach McCall said...

Yes! I think so too. I would have never thought to get a balloon from Harris Teeter. Now I grab one every time that I go. Thanks Kate. :)

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