Christmas Times Two!

The fact that I actually have time to sit down and post to the blog means that the holidays are officially over. :(  We spent the last week and a half traveling to see family, celebrating Christmas, the New Year and a First Birthday!  Hudson actually got to celebrate Christmas and his birthday twice this year.  Once in North Carolina and once in Texas.  He is one lucky boy and it was so nice to celebrate with family.  Hudson loved all of the Christmas trees and now says "tree" whenever he sees one.

We spent Christmas Eve Eve in North Carolina and opened presents with Grandma, Uncle Ron, Aunt Bec Bec, and Scott.   Since Hudson doesn't quite get opening presents he got lots of help from our dogs!  Surprisingly all of our dogs love to open presents so they all think that any present laying on the floor is up for grabs.  His favorite toys were a drum set, a little wind up duck toy, and a new container of peach flavored puffs! :) We ate lots of good food, hung out with the family, and Hudson entertained us.

On Christmas Eve we flew to Dallas to spend a week with the McCalls.  Luckily our flight was not delayed and we made it on time.  Hudson was pretty good for both plane trips but did not sleep during either flight.   It made for a long 3.5 hour trip down there trying to entertain him on our laps.  He played with cell phones, watched a little Mickey Mouse, played Peek-a-boo with the people around us, and loved looking out of the window.  Hudson had a big Christmas morning.  There were 11 people and 5 dogs in the McCall house for Christmas morning so you can imagine all of the wrapping paper, boxes, bows, and toys that filled up that living room.   He got so many cool toys and books.  His immediate favorites were two old-school toys: A push toy that is filled with balls that pop when you push it and a hammer and peg set.  He also loved his stocking gift of puffs there too!  We spent Christmas afternoon at a nursing home where Zach's Mimi used to go.  Zach's mom organized music, singing, cakes, and little gifts for the residents on Christmas.  All the the residents and staff seemed very happy to have visitors and Hudson was a big hit.  He laughed and giggled and enjoyed the music too.   Here are some pictures of his two first Christmas celebrations.  Birthday pictures to come soon!

 Roscoe helping Hudson and aunt Bec Bec open their presents.

 Electric foam drum set!

 Drum lessons from Scott

His "Please give me more puffs" face.

 Of course Scott will give in.

 The weather was really warm so of course Hudson wanted to be outside as much as possible.

 His newest awesome toddler move.  Arching his back when he doesn't want to do something.  Oh boy!

 Hudson's first view of all of the family and presents on Christmas morning in Texas.  A big thanks to Aunt KiKi for taking such sweet pictures for us on Christmas morning.

 Getting excited

 "Is that for me?"

 Big grin for Papa

 Daddy got a Red Rider bee bee gun from Santa.

 Checking out his new car.

My loves

 Taking it all in :)


 Hmm..what else is in this stocking?

 A new Sing-a-ma-jig!

 Aunt Emma just chillin.

 Hanging onto his prized puffs.

 Mickey Mouse guitar!

 Playing with Uncle Jason

 Aunt Kailee and her new glitter pink guitar.

 The McCall's newest addition, Allee.  Sweet dog that they rescued from a puppy mill.  :(

Hudson loved Allee.  She is just his size. :)


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