Hudson's First Daycare Craft

As promised they are moving Hudson over to the "big boy" room (one-year old) class whether I like it or not.  It is not official until next week but yesterday he spent most of the day (minus nap time) in that classroom and made his first real craft!  They made binoculars out of string and toilet paper rolls. Zach picked him that afternoon and said that he was so excited to show him his creation and kept getting Zach to look through it with him.   When he got home he played with it for awhile and showed me how it worked.  I tried to catch a little on video (see above) but he seemed more interested with watching the dogs play.  I posted some more recent cute videos of him on the you tube channel at

Today was a little rough in the big boy class because he is kind of used to doing whatever he wants in the infant room and they actually have planned lessons in this class so they kind of have to stay in a certain area and eat when all the other kids eat at the table.  They have also said no pacifiers in this class...I say, "Good luck with nap time!"   He came home pretty exhausted today because he didn't sleep all day and also has another cold.  (This feels like cold # 100 for him)  I am ready for healthier days!

Hudson is walking more each day and now can make it a few feet before falling.  It is a Very slow few feet in a Frankenstein manner but he is working on it.  He really likes pushing his push toys around and is getting really good at turning them to get where he wants to go.  He also really enjoys ramming them into the wall or any nearby resting dog. :)

 "Just a few texts before I go to school.."

My little heart breaker looking like such a big boy!


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