Time For A Haircut?

My goal for the weekend was to get Hudson's haircut but for some reason it is so hard to actually do it.  You will see from the pictures below that he hair is crazy lately but for some reason I get sad every time I think of someone cutting his hair.  I kind of love his crazy hair but his bangs are in his eyes most of the time so it is at least time for trim.  So we will see, there is one more day left in the weekend....

Hudson only had to go to school 3 days this week because he had a fever on Tuesday night.  My mom came to stay with him on Wednesday so he was spoiled and got to stay home two days in a row which made for a rough day back to school on Friday. On Thursday he took a 3.5 hour nap which must be a record for him.  Luckily, I got to nap for a few hours with him.  He has recently discovered the chair that I got for him months ago.  He loves to climb up onto it and sit down like a big boy.  He even dangles his legs off of it like he is so proud of his chair.   His favorite activity of the weekend is having his Daddy push him really fast around the house in his car chasing Angel around.  From the amount of laughing I hear during this activity it is hard to tell who loves it more, Hudson or Zach. Angel makes it even more fun for them because she hates when Hudson is in the car and especially when he is moving.  He has started saying "car" more this weekend to try to get daddy to play the game with him.

I haven't been able to catch the face on camera yet but Hudson loves giving his "surprised" face to anyone who is watching.  He knows it makes people laugh at him so he uses it to his advantage.  He will randomly do it sometimes which is really cute but he has also started doing it after he hits me or Zach in the face and we tell him "No Hitting".  He knows we are mad so he thinks he can make it all better if he does his face and make us laugh.  Again, discipline fail.  My favorite is when we are in the grocery store and I hear someone start laughing as they are walking by.  I look at Hudson to see that he is giving them the face.  If they laugh he will usually give them a little wave too.

 Climbing his chair

 Worn out after all of that climbing.  Don't let him fool you though, he only sits for a few seconds unless there is a good show on TV. 

 He knew he wasn't supposed to have the fingernail clippers so he tried to sit very quietly so I wouldn't notice.

 He is walking everywhere and rarely crawls anymore.  My baby is growing up!

 He knows exactly where Zach works during the day and when he gets tired of me he walks over to the door yelling "Dadadadada".  He bangs on the door until someone opens the door.

 He knows the door knob is the way in but can't quite reach it enough to turn it yet.  The dogs seem anxious to get in too.

 "Mom, Can I get a little help here?"

 "Seriously, I need to ask Dad something."

 "Fine, I will just wait here."

 It was 65 degrees today so we got to play outside.

 The playground has wood chips so he is just getting used to walking on it.

 Trying to let the dogs out of the dog park area.

 Never tired enough to leave the playground.

 Waving at a neighbor walking by.

 He loves playing with the dog leashes.  It is funny because when ever he plays with them the dogs follow him around like he might actually hook them up and take them outside.


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aw man, im gonna need to see him soon!! miss that lil man!!

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