Family Time

I have a little catching up to do.  My computer hasn't been working for the past few weeks so I wasn't able to load any pictures for awhile.

Grandma (my mom) came to visit us on my day off last week.  We made a trip to Buy Buy Baby and Hudson pulled out his cutest looks and suckered Grandma into getting him the new car toy that you see below.

 Watching Mickey Mouse with Grandma

Chillin in his new ride

Aunt Bec Bec comes to keep Hudson on most Tuesdays and he loves it!  She always takes him to cool places because she is much braver than me.

Last week we went to one of our favorite places (PF Changs).  Our favorite places have turned into places that are loud or have good outdoor seating so that Hudson can be loud if he wants to be. He really wanted to try some Kung Pao scallops!

 Lindsey and Harper came with us!

First date :)


 Don't worry, he knows not to hit girls but he really likes to grab noses.

 If this is not a chunky baby then I don't know what is! 

Sweet Harper and Lindsey

He also got to go play with Erin and Leighton last Tuesday with Rebecca.

 Isn't she sweet!

Nana (Zach's mom) came for a visit last weekend.  It was a beautiful weekend in NC for her visit but unfortunately Hudson got a fever on Friday that stuck around all weekend.  He was actually in a pretty good mood considering the fever but he did nap a lot.  It is always nice to get lots of snuggles from Nana when you aren't feeling well.  Of course, new toys never hurt either.  She brought him lots of cool new things to play with.
 Hudson on his new slide

 Trying his best to be happy even though he had a fever.  Maybe this was a tylenol induced smile?

 My favorite

Here are a few other random pictures to show how much his hair is growing and how well he is standing up when holding things.  I can't believe it.  He really isn't into crawling too much unless it gets him to a big object that he can pull up on.

We are getting close to the Justin Beiber hair ;)

Only likes to "teeth" on remotes, cell phone, books, and camera lens covers.  My advice to anyone that is having a baby is to invest in new, clean electronics to give their baby instead of teething rings. 

Last but not least.  Our oldest baby who is looking quite gray these days.  He loves cleaning out the peanut butter jars for us.


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