Weekends Are For Fun, Not Fevers!

Hudson has his first major fever today (that wasn't from vaccines). :(  They called from daycare today and said that his temp was 103.  Zach went to go pick him up and he was pretty pitiful.  After giving him some tylenol, he slept most of the afternoon and into the night but did wake up to eat a late dinner.  That boy does NOT want to miss a meal! :)  I am lucky enough to have access to equipment from work so I checked his ears and it doesn't seem to be an ear infection ( as an audiologist I am slightly obsessed with making sure he isn't walking around with an untreated ear infection). We are so excited that Nana is coming to visit this weekend.  Hopefully that will cheer him up when he sees her tomorrow morning.

Here are a few pics from last week:

 It seems like he already knows what the remote does.  He picks up the remote and looks right at the TV to see if it will come on.  Uh oh..

 Playing Guitar with Daddy.  Now he crawls over to the guitar when it is in sight.

 Notice the shoes and socks...it is Fall!

 That face :)

 His comb over blowing in the wind.

 He caught a glimpse of Daddy walking towards the playground.

 And he just watched him and got so excited the whole way. It was really sweet. (Yes he is backwards in the swing.  It made for awkward pushing but the sun was directly in his eyes the other way.)

 Not sure about the slide

 "Hmm...this looks like my baby mum mums"

 So he decided to taste it.

 Dad intercepted and Hudson was not too happy about that.

 Chunky baby :)

 Funny how I will always remember this store now for having the worst carts for babies his age.  I don't like having him down there where I can't see him and he is just at the level to grab the bottom of the clothes as we walk by.

 Hoodie time


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