9 months old!

We took Hudson in for his 9 month appointment today at his new pediatrician in Chapel Hill.  He weighed in at 22 lbs 1 oz ( 75th percentile), was 29.5 inches long (80th percentile), and his head circumference was 45.5cm (65th percentile).  The pediatrician said that he was a pretty cool kid and said that he seemed very healthy and happy.  Zach was finally there with me today so I didn't have to hold him down for his flu shot.  I always hate being the bad guy.

At 9 months Hudson's favorite things are: Still loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse, singing songs, The Brown Bear, Brown Bear book and Baby Needs a Hug book, sleeping on his stomach, trying to pull up on everything, carbs, Miss Maria, one of his teachers at daycare.  He gets so excited to see her and apparently follows her around all day and either cries or sits beside her when she has to feed another baby.  She said that she is already sad about him moving up to the next classroom in 3 months.  He also LOVEs seeing his Daddy walk in to pick him up from daycare. He starts screaming with excitement every time he walks in the door.

What he is not loving right now: when we take a toy (cell phone) away from him, sippy cups, diaper changes, he may be becoming a picky eater and will cry about every food that I offer him until I pull out something that he wants and then he laughs.

Words that he gives reactions to:  Mickey Mouse, Milk, Eat, Dog, Water, Hudson, Hud, or Huddy, No, Wyatt, Angel,  Da Da, Ma Ma , and Up

 The blond-ish hair and blue eyed love of my life.

 He loves playing on the bed because it doesn't hurt when he falls or hurls himself towards the dogs. :)

 Hi-five for Dad

 This used to be for him to just look at..

 ...now it is just an aid to help him stand up in his crib.

 Up until today he had only gotten up on his knees in the crib but today he was standing and so proud of himself.   Time to say bye bye to the mobile and to lower the mattress!

 I think we are also going to have to get a "chew guard" on the crib rail.

 He works really hard to get to the standing position.

 "I will stand! Even if it mean banging my head against this pole a few times as I pull myself up."

 This was after I said "No" numerous times when he started chewing on the crib.  He would stop when I said "No" and then he would look at me and do it a little slower.  haha

 Even better...he would just laugh when I said "No"

 Today he really just wanted to take off the sticker once he saw that it was removable so we didn't get too many pics today.

 Excited about going on a walk.

 Today was a Paci kind of day.

 Getting mad that I stopped the strolling to take a picture.


 The playground in our neighborhood finally opened up so we have been going to the swings every night before bath and bedtime.  Tonight he was a little zoned out because I think he was ready for bed early.



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