On The Move

The report from daycare today was that Hudson spent all day crawling back and forth between the bookcases on either side of the room.  When he would get to one he would try to stand up and then give up and take another trip across the room.  He is really enjoying his new freedom to move and already really just wants to be able to get up on his feet.   His new favorite stance is a spider pose (or downward facing dog, if you like yoga).  I think he knows that this is closer to standing but can't quite figure out what to do from there.  This has resulted in lots of head bumps over weekend and a even a tiny bruise on his forehead.   I know that this is just the beginning but I just hate seeing him even bump his head on the floor.  It just reminds me that my baby is getting older.  And that we need to start baby-proofing!

 He didn't like the wet grass and didn't want to put his feet down :)

 Listening to his Daddy play the guitar.  He sat still and just listened and danced for a good 10 minutes.  That is an eternity these days.

 We got some new cool foam flooring to help with the head bumps on the hardwood floor in the living room.  He loves it !

Spider stance


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