Catching Up

We finally got internet set up!   Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks:

Pretty sweet double chin Hudson ;)

 His eyes look even more blue when he is wearing Carolina blue.  Love it!

 I think he is going to be sneaky with that little sly look.

 His new favorite snack:  Baby Mum Mums.  He reminds me a lot of Zach in this picture.

 He gets very serious when he eats these and refuses to let them go.  It is a great way to keep him busy for 3 minutes.

 He is officially a stomach sleeper.  This makes me wake up a lot more during the night because I feel like I need to go in there and make sure he isn't face down in the crib.  This picture was taken after he had taken a bath and was just hanging out with me on the bed playing.  Next thing I knew he rolled over and fell asleep.  He napped like this for about 2 hours!

 He has finally started holding his bottle.  He still makes a mess but is getting better everyday.  This kind of makes me a little sad because this really means that he is growing up. :/ waaaa!

 Zach's dad, "The Man" came to visit one night last week.  He and Hudson had a good time playing and laughing.

"I want to talk to Nana!" 

 Listening to Nana :)

 He just grinned the whole time she was talking to him.  He says, "Come see me soon!"

 Hudson was a little wiggly but we got a shot of the McCall boys together.

 Zach:  This is what happens when you don't make it out to dinner with the Fleenor women. :) Aunt Bec Bec thought it would be a good idea to see what Huddy would look like with a little pink in his life.  :) hehe
 "Dad is not gonna like this"

 This one is for Jeff and David-The new FYAO model :) 

 Still working on crawling.  He is a cautious baby so far...

This picture will also be used to embarrass him later.  As he was playing he was "loudly" trying to take care of business.  Apparently he was more comfortable working on that with his head in one of his toys. LOL  He just kept putting his face down into the box and sitting there.  Boys...


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