Lazy weekend

Last weekend was the first weekend that we have just stayed at home all weekend.  We got a few things done around here which seems like a lot to us these days.  I really don't know how people with more than one child get anything done.  I guess it is all just a learning process. 

 The weather was nice and cool for a change.  My mom and sister (and Roscoe) came for a visit to have brunch with us on Sunday.   We also got Hudson his new big boy car seat because he is already outgrowing his infant car seat.  He went for his first ride in it today to daycare and he seemed to like it.  We wanted a really safe car seat and spent a long time researching.  It looks really comfy but it is HUGE!  I am not sure if anyone else is going to be able to fit in the back seat with him now :)  Like I keep telling Zach...we will have a mini-van before you know it! Just kidding ;)

I posted a few new videos of Hudson really crawling for the first time.  He is getting faster everyday and really wants to pull up a lot now.  Here is the link :

All the toys he has and he loves the remote.  Not sure what kind of outfit that he came home in from daycare but they had his pants hiked up like a little old man.

 Excited that he could see the dogs watching him from the window.

 Aunt Bec Bec and her Huddy
 Wonder why he is giving her that look? lol

 So I found a pumpkin top hat at the dollar spot at Target and couldn't pass it up.  Zach is not a fan of his baby with a "headband" on. :)

 Sweet Roscoe


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