Still Unpacking...

And I thought moving was hard while I was pregnant!  It takes a lot longer with a certain cutie pie wanting to play with me all day!  Or maybe it is me wanting to play with him.  By the time I get home from work and play with him, feed him, and get him to bed I am exhausted so we still have a lot of boxes sitting around and it might be that way for awhile.   We still don't have our internet hooked up yet because Time Warner is being so slow getting someone out here.  We are using the town of Chapel Hill's internet for now but as you can imagine, it is very slow so I really can't even upload pictures.  I managed to get one on here from this week.  I have some pretty cute videos to share once we get internet.  This is Hudson on Saturday showing his Tarheel spirit for the first football game of the season. More pics to come later this week!


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