I Love Thursdays

This is only the second Thursday since I started working a 4 day work week and I LOVE it!  I was tempted to run errands that have been on my list forever but I ended up just taking it easy and hanging out with Hudson at the house all day.  He napped like a champ since he wasn't at day care.  He is starting to have so much personality and it is so much fun just to watch him play and figure out new things each day.  I did witness crawling today to try to get to a toy but I won't classify him as a "crawler" just yet.  Right now it is a very slow and thought out process.  I can tell that he is starting to understand a lot of words that I say which is neat.    His favorite sounds are still "dadada" and "gagaga"  He is also starting to scream really loud when he wants something NOW and usually that is reserved for meal times. :)  I am that mom who is really nervous about him choking so I have been a little slow to let him try some finger foods (other than puffs that will dissolve in his mouth).  He loves eating cooked carrots but is not really a fan of the peas that I try to sneak in there.

Here are a few pictures of our "day off" together:

 I didn't really comb his hair after his bath last night and you can see that his hair is starting to get just a hint of curl. :)

 He loves to open and close the doors on his new kitchen set from Nana.

 Thinking about crawling..

 He finally got it

 Out for a little stroll.

 "I am tired of this hat mom"
 "It is after Labor day, Why am I wearing a white hat anyway?!"

 "Take that!"  Shortly after he got it off of his head, he threw it on the ground.

 Then decided to chew on his feet a little.  He is going to be sad when it gets cold enough to wear shoes.  I made him wear shoes for a little while today to try to get him used to them.  He just stared at them and hit them and then after about 15 minutes screamed while he looked straight at them until I took them off.

 Dinner time!

 Must have picked up a pea with that bite of carrot

 Really not a fan of the peas. :)


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