Happy Birthday Daddy!

It is his first official birthday as a Dad!  Happy Birthday to the best dad ever!  We love you.

While Zach was working today, Hudson and I enjoyed the fall weather outside and made our weekly trip to Super Target.  Of course they already had Christmas decorations out and Hudson was obsessed with the Christmas tree lights. We spent a good 15 minutes staring at them because he protested every time I tried to walk away.

 We always find lots of items to entertain us.  My shopping cart is always full of things to put back by the end of the shopping trip.


 Hudson is teething again and his two top teeth are coming in.  I witnessed one of the biggest tantrums ever today when he dropped his paci and couldn't find it while we were driving down the highway today.  I had to pull off an earlier exit because I was convinced that he was bleeding or something.  No, he just started laughing when I got the paci back in his mouth!

 I guess he learned how to curl his tongue today because he did this all day long.

 Trying to get that tongue out


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