First Halloween

The weather was rainy, yucky and cold this Halloween so Hudson didn't get to go Trick or Treating in his Shark costume.  Instead we just dressed up and went pretend Trick or Treating inside with his favorite treat..Mum Mums. :)
 Uncle Ron came to visit this weekend!  

 Trying to entertain him while taking his 10 month pictures...more of those to come later.  No candy corn for him yet but thanks to Zach and Uncle Ron, he did get to try cotton candy over the weekend.  He loved it.

 "DaDum....Da Dum.....DaDum

 Scary Shark right?

 Very well fed shark ;)

 Halloween morning playing in his car before daycare.

 Hudson and his Mr Potato Head Cowboy Pumpkin.  Thanks Nana!

 Halloween dinner.   He was a little hesitant to eat a few things tonight because he fell at daycare and cut his gums and lip. :(  He was trying to stand up and lost his balance.  I am trying my best to get used to the bumps and falls that are inevitable when they are learning to stand on their own.

 Watching Halloween Mickey episode

 Hudson's loot...Mum Mums

 "Are you sure it is empty?"

 His favorite part was the stem... go figure.  Kind of like how he goes for the remote control in a room filled with cool toys.

 A view of his fin

 Shark attack on the pumpkin :)

 He looks so big standing up.

Halloween PJs that glow in the dark!


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