I Heart Fall

This weekend was absolutely perfect weather for relaxing at the lake, fishing, and hanging out outside in the cool crisp air.  We spent the weekend at Smith Mountain Lake with my sister and it was perfect.  Well, it would have been even more perfect if Hudson would have let me sleep in but he was so happy all weekend and I am sure being outside so much was the reason for that.  Thanks to the Cotrones for being so generous and letting us enjoy their beautiful home in the mountains.  We took advantage of the nice weather and took lots of pictures outside.

Rebecca made Zach an awesome fishing birthday cake for his birthday weekend!

 The leaves have changed in the trees but haven't started to fall too much yet.  We found a few colorful leaves to play with.

 Aunt Bec Bec and her Huddy

 He was more interested in crawling than taking pictures.

 Me and my sweet baby boy.

 I love his little baseball shoes

 He is at the "snuggle" stage.  It melts my heart every time he lays his little head on my shoulder and nuzzles into my neck.

 The Fam.  Zach was also more interested in fishing than taking pictures with us. ;)

 "Thanks Graham Cotrone for letting me play with your toys.  I love this exersaucer because I can stand in it without falling!" ~Hudson

 You can barely see Zach fishing in the distance.  He was in heaven.

 Baby down!

 He LOVED the wagon.  It had a bottle/sippy cup holder and everything!

 Hudson sitting on the front porch of the girls' playhouse.  It is a little girl's dream inside. :)

 He looks like Zach most of the time now but I think I see a little of me in this face.


Cotrone said...

I just checked your blog! Hudson is growing up so much! I am so happy that you all enjoyed the lake! You are welcome to go anytime!

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