10 weeks old

Hudson got two more shots this week at the Pediatrician which again seemed to be harder on me than him.  He screamed for a few minutes then ate and went to sleep.  He even slept through meeting his new girlfriend Harper that was born Friday morning.  Congratulations to Lindsey and Johnny!  This was the first newborn that I have seen since Hudson was born and it was crazy how tiny she looked.  I can't believe how much has changed in 10 weeks.  He had gained another pound in one week when he was weighed at the Ped office.  He is now 12lbs 8 ounces!  We have decided to start him on Zantac to see if this will help his Reflux.  I just hate to see him in so much pain when that acid comes up in his throat.

Hudson got to meet lots of new family members this weekend including his 2nd Cousin Destiny.  Destiny is 3 months older than Hudson and is as cute as can be.  We tried to get a few pictures of them together.  Hudson was a little grumpy from his shots the day before so it was hard to find a happy quiet time for both.

Chilling with Dad

 10 weeks old!



Destiny says, "Its OK Hudson, We no choice but to pose now but just wait until we can walk!"

Napping on Grandma

This is my cousin Nathan on the right (Destiny's daddy) and me when we were babies.  We were about 2 months apart but actually had the same due date.  Thought this would be cute to compare with Hudson and Destiny's pictures.  I think she looks a lot like her daddy!

Here we are a little older

This is me at two months old on a very awesome 70s couch.  :)  Can't tell who Hudson looks like yet....


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